Welcome to Southern New Hampshire University’s contest submission page. Below you’ll find updates related to the Fall Fiction and Art Exhibition Contests. Good luck!


Thank you to everyone who entered the 2019 Fall Fiction Contest. Congratulations to the winners!


Take a look at the winning artwork from the 3rd annual Art Exhibition Contest.

Are you an SNHU student, recent graduate or alum?  We want to hear your story.

Film and record a video submission talking about how your degree has changed or is changing your life and the lives of your love ones for the opportunity to be featured in the next commercial campaign.  This video recording does not need to be a polished product, any video quality is acceptable (phone, webcam, etc.), we are just looking to get to know you.  This can be filmed anywhere, with anyone, in any aspect of your day or life.  The video has no length requirements and does not have to be filmed all at once (you can submit multiple clips); but an average length would be a few minutes in total.

Examples of conversation topics for your video are as followed, but not limited to:

Tell us about yourself (name, location, your background).

What type of student are you? 

  • First generation student
  • Military/Veteran student
  • Parent student
  • United States Immigrant student
  • Career changer student
  • Campus experience student
  • Other type of student (Please describe)

What challenges have you overcome in your life, while also working on a degree?

Why did you go to school?

Have you graduated yet? If not, when do you anticipate to?

How has a degree changed your life?  / How is working towards a degree changing your life?

Who in your life has been impacted by your educational journey?

What parts of your life (people, daily activities [work, hobbies, philanthropy], less-frequent events) would you be able and willing to share on camera, that would contribute to telling your story?

Upload your video(s) below.  If you are selected a SNHU marketing representative will be reaching out to you with further details.  Thank you all, in advance for submitting and sharing.

Southern New Hampshire University